donderdag 28 november 2013

Jillian Michaels's The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook (Boek)

From Publishers Weekly
Best known from TV's The Biggest Loser, weight-loss guru Michaels presents a well-meaning collection of 125 recipes designed to meet specific health and fitness goals. Though she has no formal training in nutrition, Michaels asserts that most health problems are caused by metabolic hormonal imbalances; charging forward without any cited sources, Michaels includes a list of "amazing health benefits" with each recipe (Roast Herbed Turkey Breast with Orange-Cranberry Sauce, for example, is meant to boost metabolism and immunity, improve mood and digestion, fight cancer, and aid the heart). Dogma and posturing aside, these tasty, healthy recipes are likely to please. Michaels does her best to avoid esoteric ingredients, and dishes like Coconut-Curry Steamed Mussels and Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce would be right at home in a traditional cookbook. Others, like Watermelon Soup with Blackberries and Jicama, or Ginger Shrimp Rolls with Green Papaya Slaw, won't make dieters feel like they're settling. Less concerned with calories or fat, Michaels emphasizes the benefits of foods like beans (fiber), cranberries (anti-bacterial, gum disease-fighting properties), and cinnamon (helps normalize blood sugar levels); while some claims seem glib ("If you suffer from asthma, eat lots of apples!"), Michaels's suggestions are, at worst, harmless and delicious.
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"These tasty, healthy recipes are likely to please."--Publishers Weekly

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