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Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes by Joy Wilson (Boek)

Joy the Baker Cookbook includes everything from “Man Bait” Apple Crisp to Single Lady Pancakes to Peanut Butter Birthday Cake. Joy's philosophy is that everyone loves dessert; most people are just looking for an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.

“When I first heard the name ‘Joy the Baker,’ I immediately felt happy and warm. I couldn't help it. And in the years I've gotten to know Joy the Person—and her beautiful, warm, comforting style of food—I can say without hesitation that she absolutely lives up to her name.” —Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

“Joy bakes with her complete heart and soul, writes from the gut, and makes us feel that we too can make magic in the kitchen.” —Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, cookbook author and creator of TheKitchn

“The best thing would be to have Joy the Baker actually bake all these things with you in your kitchen. The next best thing is reading her book, written with the exact same charming, hilarious in-person style that makes you feel like she's right there with you, sharing the recipes that come from her heart and soul.” —Sarah Gim, TasteSpotting

“Joy is who made me want to bake. Stumbling on her blog was one of the luckiest and most inspirational things that has happened to me. She's an insanely talented writer and an even better baker.” —Emma Stone, actress

JOY WILSON is the voice behind the popular blog Joy the Baker. She's obsessed with butter, sugar, cream, and dark chocolate.

Joy's love for sweets began at an early age with her father, a fanatical pie baker, and her mother, a cake decorator. Joy quickly learned that the shortest route between her and a warm batch of brownies was a bowl, wooden spoon, and hot oven.

Joy is a self taught baker whose obsession was honed as a Ben and Jerry's cake decorator, and professional (crack of dawn) baker in various bakeries in Los Angeles. Joy has made everything from biscuits to wedding cakes... but her favorite thing in the world is a tall stack of pancakes.

In her first cookbook, Joy illustrates that muffins are best served warm, bread should be studded with chocolate, and even avocados can be made into cake. It's a simple celebration of butter, sugar, and flour.

Truly Delicious and Simple, February 29, 2012 By LadyDemographer (North Carolina) I absolutely love this cookbook! I preordered it so that I could receive it as soon as it came out. I received it yesterday and already made the peanut butter birthday cake with the cream cheese and peanut butter icing. AMAZING! Everything in the book looks delicious and I am happy to report that all of the recipes can be made with easy to find ingredients. I didn't have to go to the store to buy anything in order to make the cake--the ingredients are all very basic kitchen staples! The photos in the book are warm and comforting, the instructions are clear and simple and so far the end product is delicious!

Coffee Cake in the Oven..., February 29, 2012 By Anna
I have been a BIG fan of Joy for about a year now via her terrific blog.

Her recipes are stunning and her writing is colloquially elegant. Joy has a way of making you feel like her truest friend. Her heartfelt blog has made its way into my daily routine and my heart and tummy are better off because of it.

This book is designed very well and is easy to read.
It is organized into clear sections and features beautiful full page pictures.
There are MANY new recipes in this book that are not from her blog. Each recipe has a little note from Joy at the top, but it otherwise feels like a professional cookbook.

The "kitchen tips" type section at the beginning was wonderful! I'm excited to try some of them... AND all the other recipes in the book. I love that Joy features so many 'basics with a twist' while also branching out. I would say that this cookbook is perfect for the average cook who is willing to experiment a little and try something new.

ONLY con is that it is mostly a "sweets" book... I would have like to see a tad more variety... But hey it is a "celebration of butter and sugar"! It does have a great healthy cracker recipe, two smoothie recipes and a few others.

Just tried my first recipe from the book...coffee cake... and it is SMELLING UP MY DARN HOUSE with the most beautiful aroma! It is taking all the patience I have to wait for it to cook all the way :)



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