vrijdag 29 november 2013

Kate Moss Style: Inside the World's Most Famous Wardrobe

Product Description
A stylish celebration of top model Kate Moss's life in fashion.

Arguably the most famous style icon of recent decades, Kate Moss is certainly one of the most photographed and talked-about celebrities of our time.

Kate's unique personal experience of the fashion industry has meant she has worked with the best designers, photographers and stylists, and worn the world's most beautiful clothes from a very early age. Kate's sense of style is now innate, instinctive and impeccable. Her fresh approach to dressing has turned her into a style icon for millions who buy her designs at Topshop, and emulate her style.

This book not only explores the elements of Moss's style, but her eye for putting her look together not only where she shops and what she buys, but why. We all want a little bit of the Moss Style Mojo, and this book unravels her formula; taking us not just inside her wardrobe, but inside her head.

About the Author
Angela Buttolph is a leading figure in the fashion media. She co-wrote the bestselling How to Look Good Naked. She has contributed to Elle; the Evening Standard; Vogue; Cosmopolitan; Hello; and Grazia and has provided live fashion coverage at the Emmy awards.


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