woensdag 27 november 2013

Let Me Be a Woman - Elisabeth Elliot (Boek)

“In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we must start with the One who made her.” Working from Scripture, well-known speaker and author Elisabeth Elliot shares her observations and experiences in a number of essays on what it means to be a Christian woman, whether single, married, or widowed. Available in trade softcover and as a Living Book.

Written to her daughter upon marriage, Let Me Be A Women is full of short thoughts about the meaning of femininity and being secure in God's calling for you. The first time I had read this I was a young teen and found the book a little hard to understand as it's written is such short, personal thoughts. This summer a few women and I did a study with this book and each found it to be so full of truth (whether we wanted to agree with it or not) and it made me reflect upon my own life. God predestined me to be a woman. This is His plan for me and it's not inferior to men, but just a different job. This book helped me embrace the differences and begin embracing God's unique plan for my life!

In an age when women, especially women in the church, search, flounder, and grow frustrated with discovering who God created us to be, the role He is requiring of us, and how we are to relate to men, especially our spouses, this book gives direction in a manner neither oppressive nor offensive. Elisabeth Elliot, through loving letters to her daughter, allows us the opportunity to find the heart of our Creator in a way that inspires and plants desire within us. I came away from reading this book with a fresh longing to be all - nothing less and nothing more - than my God designed me to be. I encourage every Christian woman, whether 12 or 99 years of age, to read this book and allow Elisabeth Elliot's knowledge of the Word to shape who you are in Christ.

As a young 'educated' Christian woman, I felt that what I believed to be biblical values are no longer seen as something to strive for in this modern age. I know that I had every means of pursuing and achieving what most women of this age strive for, but I chose not to. I never felt comfortable with it bc I never felt it was God's role for me in His perfect plan for creation. This book has been incredible in reinforcing in me the importance and JOY of biblical femininity. Role are NOT unequal, both sexes are equally precious in God's eyes, but God has made us DIFFERENT for a REASON. If this was not the case, why would God have needed to make us different at all? Why would Adam need a 'helper suitable for Him'? This book was amazing and uncompromising in the message that is sorely needed in the world today.


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