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List of activities for kids from age 1-4 (Overig)

I hope you enjoy this treasure chest of unique ideas for your toddlers and preschoolers!

(If there are any link issues let me know and I'll fix them right away. Thanks!)

Messy Learning with Shaving Cream and Gluing Beans
Toddler Science: Oil and Water+ Food Coloring
Wax Paper Collage
Painting with Water
Clean Mush
Corn Shuckin'
Utility Paper Exploration
Contact Paper Collage
Color Wheel Painting
Crazy Textures Painting
Fly Swatter Painting
Corn Painting
Egg Shell Sensory
Toy Truck Painting
Cotton Ball Activity: Exploring SOFT
Body Painting on a Sheet
Paint Filled Eggs
Colored Ice Cubes
Ocean Sensory Bin
Imprinting with TP and PT Rolls
Baked Cotton Balls
Colored Tape Collage
Bubble Wrap Printmaking
Dinosaur Sensory Bin
Edible Berry Painting
Toddler Science: Milk Rainbows
Sidewalk Paint
Dinosaur Eggs with Coffee Dough
Nut Boats
Jello Sensory Activity
Apple Printing
Playing With Dried Orange Slices
Christmas Themed Shaving Cream Sensory Bin
Pretend Cooking and Baking With Real Ingredients (Age 2)
Pretend Cooking with Real Ingredients (Age 3)
Sticky Salt Painting
Snow Painting
Crayon Melting on a Warm Plate
Treasure Ice Cubes
Color Experimenting in a Clear Plastic Egg Carton
Sponge Painting
Funny Magazine Cutout Gluing and Pasting
Window Markers
Marble Painting
Clay Birds Nest Using Natural Materials
Bath Mat, Clear Gems Activity
Buttons: Matching, Sorting, Counting
Plastic Easter Egg Matching Game
Indoor Bubble Blowing
Chalk and Water Play Ideas
Painting Daisies
Pretend Play: Stuffed Animal Bubble Bath and Grooming
Water Balloon Cut-Up
Outdoor Pretend Play: Clothesline
Pretend Play: Store
Paper Bag Puppets
Pretend Garden in a Storage Container
Indoor Spider Web and Bug Rescue
Styrofoam Sculptures
Shaving Cream and Powdered Paints
Painting on a Dry Erase Board
Playdough Filled Balloons
Bubble Printing
Pool Noodle Printing
Magnets and Backdrops Used For Storytelling
Abstract Art Using a Giant Geoboard
Painting Over Hot Glue Gun Designs
Magazine Googly Eye Funny Faces
Pool Noodle Marble Run
Floor Puzzles: Tape and Blocks
Shaving Cream Marbled Paper
Toilet Paper Roll Trail
Weaving With a Styrofoam Meat Tray
Painting with Pudding
Apple Picking Sensory Bin
Hidden Diamonds Sensory Bin
Leaf Snowflakes and Confetti
Fall Sensory Bin
Army Men Outdoors
Puffy Paint
Spice Painting
Cardboard Box Drive Thru Restaurant
Sea in the Sink
Painting With a Battery Powered Spin Spa
Preschool Science: Candy Experiments-Melting and Dissolving
Hail Painting
Indoor Miniature Playscapes: Jungle
Indoor Miniature Playscapes: Tiny Village
Cooked Spaghetti Sensory Bin
Cloud Dough
Making Orange Juice with a Hand Juicer
Toy Painting
Contact Paper Sticky Table
Weird Object Painting
Snow Playdough
Secret Messages in Sea Shells
Huge Popcorn Fight
Rainbow I Spy Sensory Bin
Finders Keepers Treasures
Mini Indoor Skating Rink and Popsicle Stick Ice Skaters (winter project)
Cozy Reading Area
Fun With a Roll of Toilet Paper
Toothpicks and Marshmallows
Shredded Paper Sensory Bin
Magic Carpet: Imaginary Play and Exercise
Crayon Melting on a Candle Warmer
Comparing and Guessing Weight On a Scale
Secret Messages with Birthday Candles and Watercolors
Contained Body Painting
Cranberry Stamping
The "What's missing?" Game
The "Guess that Smell" Game
Painting with a Mini Back Massager
Big Laminated Dinosaur to Color Over and Over Again
Clay or Playdough Birds Nests
Stone Soup
Playing with tiny ice: Sensory and fine motor
Birdseed Sensory Bin
A Sheet of Ice + Food Coloring + Salt = Wow!
Felt Faces

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