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Luxury of Less: The Five Rings of Minimalism - Karol Gajda (Boek)


Product Description
Luxury of Less is about how to live an extraordinary life without the physical and mental excess pervasive in our society today. It's my story of deep depression and incredible happiness.

The title and contents are very loosely based on The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

What others have said (about the PDF version I sell on my website LuxuryOfLess.com):

I love the Luxury of Less because it’s so much more than an ebook on minimalism. The Luxury of Less is about living a healthy life filled with joy. Karol gives great advice and ideas to change your life in simple, practical ways that make a big difference. Anyone can benefit from the ebook, not simply someone who wants to live with less than 100 things and travel the world. The Luxury of Less is written for a mother of 3, a single twenty something and a retiree. With it’s dirt cheap price, I highly recommend the Luxury of Less to anyone who is looking to pare down their life and focus on what is most important.

- Kristen Sloan


In the Luxury of Less ebook, Karol walks you through how you can examine your life inside out through minimalism. It’s about examining not only one’s relationship with stuff but also relationships with people and relationship with one’s self.

I really enjoyed reading the ebook as Karol’s authenticity shines when he used his life experiences as an example and an inspiration to answer the question on why be a minimalist. The luxury of less is not about depriving oneself, it’s about making room for the things that matter to you and using them as tools to go for your dreams and live your best life. Whether you’re a long time minimalist or new to the concept of minimalism, this ebook will certainly inspire you to clear the clutter in your life, remove toxic relationships, be a friend to yourself and most of all enjoy life to the fullest by working on what you’re truly passionate about.

If there’s one book on minimalism that you should read, this would be it.

- Anna Zalazar


An inspiring reflection on the truly important things in life.

- Antonio Serrano
About the Author
Hey there! I'm Karol. (That's pronounced like Karl, not Carol. And while I'm at it, the last name is Guy-Duh. Ninja Gajda(n) if you're nasty.)

I was born in Poland and my family escaped communism shortly before Martial Law was instituted in 1981. Close call. Thanks Mama i Tata!

My earliest memory is eating a Starburst (with wrapper intact) my late Grandma Stefania gave me outside of our Mt Pleasant, MI apartment at the age of 2.

I believe in radical honesty even if maybe it's not in my best interest. I'm a fan of traveling, touring, canoeing/camping trips, sandboarding, downhill Big Wheels races, upside down canyon swinging, paratrooper tossing, karaoke, shuttle launches, and seeing crazy things like flaming big rigs in the middle of Arizona.

I don't eat animals or animal products of any kind and I'm atheist. Both of those points are up for discussion, but you won't convince me to eat meat or believe in your god(s). (Except maybe God of Thunder.) If that's your game, you're probably just not my Right People, and that's OK. I still love you. :)

I play guitar (learned how to hand build guitars in India in 2010) like a madman and am releasing a quadruple live double album of Eastern European polka music next week (OK, just kidding).

I've never had the pleasure of working in cubicle hell, but I hear it's...hell.

All of my belongings fit in a 32 Liter backpack (which I purchased on Amazon!) and a computer bag.

I have Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom.


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