woensdag 27 november 2013

Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp - Tess Whitehurst (Boek)

Product Description
Clearing clutter is magical! It not only creates a beautiful vibe in your home, it also clears the decks for health, wealth, romance, success, harmony, and every kind of positive change.

Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp presents fun, motivational, and eminently doable clutter clearing strategies for getting started, keeping at it, getting the good mojo flowing, and having fun in the process. Infused with popular author Tess Whitehurst's signature balance of whimsy and practicality, its sections include:

* Clear the Decks - a reminder that everything is connected, and that clearing clutter from your home creates the space for positive change in your life,
* Meet Your Clutter - a concise orientation to clutter varieties and how they affect your holistic well-being, along with advice on how to discern what is clutter and what isn't,
* Get Your "Buts" in Gear - a list of common excuses, how to override them, and why they don't really add up, and finally,
* Ready, Set, Clear - unique strategies to get started and keep moving.

A lovely follow-up to the beloved home improvement bestseller Magical Housekeeping, the succinct Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp is a great companion when you're ready to change your energetic momentum and start living the magical life you've always dreamed about.
About the Author
Tess Whitehurst (Venice, California) is an intuitive counselor, energy worker, feng shui consultant, and speaker. She has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping
Out and her writing has been featured such places as the AOL welcome page, Llewellyn's annuals, and the Whole Life Times blog. To learn about her workshops, writings, and appearances, and to sign up for her free monthly newsletter, visit her online at http://www.tesswhitehurst.com


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