vrijdag 29 november 2013

Mariella Burani: A Photographic Essay

A company's new story: modern, happy and romantic at the same time, as it is in the fashion creator' style Mariella Burani. English version. Mariella Burani's ideal woman is a fancy gipsy. From the gipsy she takes the freedom, the fantasy the happyness and charme. From the fancyness she has the details in the furs the velvets and merlets. Neither the flowery prints are missing the brand's distinctive sign so loved by its many customers.
Romantic spirit and the 30's glamour give life to Mariella Burani's collections; a spirit that the big fashion photographer Peter Lindberg knows how to interpretate in the sophisticated advertising campaigns reproduced in the book. A full immersion in the past, but also a glance into the future with the new born line "Amulets" dedicated to the very teen, that is summed to the Mariella Burani's universe by enlarging and completing it and by showing its identity absolutely contemporary.



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