vrijdag 22 november 2013

MawMaw's Strawberry Pie Recipe (Kopie)

3 Quarts of Strawberries
1 Cup of Sugar
3-4 tbsp. of cornstarch
1 tbsp. lemon juice

So first, you'll want to remove the tops of all the strawberries and slice half of them. Here are two of my favorite toys. The slicer was passed down to my by my sweet mom, and the strawberry coring toy was given to me by one of my students at the end of the year.
Next you'll want to mash half of the strawberries. I normally do that in a blender. It's quick and easy. Then you need to cook the strawberry mash with a cup of sugar and 3-4 tbsp. of cornstarch. Stir CONSTANTLY! Continue cooking till the mixture is gooey, like a batter. Add more cornstarch if it's not getting gooey. Let the mixture cool and then add the remaining sliced strawberries.

Prepare a pie crust. You can make your own or do store-bought. To make the edges of my pie cruse pretty I use the end of a spoon to make indentions.

If you want to, you can save 18 strawberries and place them in an egg carton to fill with a cream chesse mixture. You can either fill these with store bought fruit dip or make your own with 12 oz. of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of powedered sugar, and a bit of almond extract. I used a pastry bag to fill my berries. I did a homemade mixture, and it was EXTREMELY thick and hard to squeeze through my bag. I probably could have added a bit more extract to make it easier to fill.

In the picture at the beginning you'll see that I put blue berries at the top of the strawberries. I just thought it would be a cute 4th of July decoration.

I hope you enjoy!


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