woensdag 27 november 2013

Mouseschawitz - My Summer Job of Concentrated Fun - Angela Lovell (Boek)

"Angela Lovell is not just someone who slapped together a few Disney stories. She has published other (non-Disney) books, and her work has appeared in such venerable venues as High Times, Opium Magazine, and MTV. She writes humor that is equal parts absurd and scathingly funny. That's your warning." - Bob McLain, Disney Dispatch

"Her first ambition was to become a character. She fell short of that goal and ended up as an Attractions Host at Splash Mountain. The blow by blow of the process makes the booklet worth the price alone. To say that the booklet is a quick read is an understatement. This is a really, really short book. But for $3 it is about as unvarnished look at the life of a Cast Member then anything in print this side of Cast Member Confidential." - SamLand's Disney Adventures
Product Description
Though set at Disney World, this collection is far from Disneyesque (as if the title wasn't a giveaway.) Mouseschawitz - My Summer Job of Concentrated Fun - is Part 1 of a short collection of essays from an ex theme park employee and the unbelievable feats she witnessed one summer. From deadly wildlife to celebrity encounters, to guests attempting makeshift abortions on rides, these tales cover all kinds of thrills in the happiest place on earth.
About the Author
Angela Lovell is an award-winning playwright, director, screenwriter, essayist, podcaster, writing instructor, sex columnist, and critic of film, theatre and music. Her work has appeared in BUST Magazine, High Times, The L Magazine, Common Ties, Opium Magazine, Match.com, and The New York Press. Angela has written for MTV, and several independent film studios. She's taken first place at The Moth's NYC StorySlam ( www.themoth.com ) and performed her earliest embarrassing writing onstage at Mortified ( www.getmortified.com ).


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