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New Cottage Style: Decorating Ideas for Casual, Comfortable Living (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating) by Better Homes & Gardens (Boek)

Achieve a casual, easy living style
"Cottage" is a perennially popular decorating style, with the flexibility to adapt to changing tastes over the decades. It's associated with comfort, simplicity, and family-friendliness, and allows for a great deal of personalization. This all-new edition of New Cottage Style is packed with decorating ideas and inspiration to achieve a cottage look that's clean, simple, and light—all from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens.

Completely updated, New Cottage Style shows you what cottage style means today, with new interpretations that keep it fresh, different, and current. You'll discover the secrets to creating harmony and simplicity with paint, furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Examples of homes in a variety of settings—the country, the beach, the city, and suburbia—will inspire you to bring cottage style to your own home, wherever you happen to live.

Shows you how cottage-style décor can be beautiful in any room
Gorgeous full-color photos depict a wide variety of cottage-style homes
Expert advice helps you interpret what makes a cottage-style space work and gives you ideas for implementing it in your home
Who doesn't want to achieve a casual, easy lifestyle? New Cottage Style gives you practical ideas and decorating techniques to create a comfortable getaway look in any living space.

Tips for Personalizing Spaces
Little things make a big difference in any room. Personalize your spaces with displays that show your personality and interests.

Book It: Grab a few of your favorite books and stack them on a table. Top with a small bouquet of fresh flowers.
Cute Cluster: Use some old glass bottles to create a centerpiece highlighting garden clippings-it's more interesting than a standard vase.
Collective Display: Show off hat collections by hanging them on the walls instead of art.
Serving a Purpose: Use a serving tray or bowl to display accessories such as seashells, rocks, jewelry, and more.
Memories in a Bottle: Fill old apothecary bottles or jars with sand from vacations and group these together on a mantel or shelf.

From the Back Cover
casual, livable decorating

Learn to create the relaxed look and comfortable feel of cottage style with the hundreds of photos and ideas on these pages.

In this all-new edition you'll find:

Decorating inspiration Discover the new side of cottage style—pared-down rooms that are still comfy and full of character.

Style options Explore the varied looks—classic, sophisticated, modern, beachy—to find a look that suits your home.

Room makeovers Browse before-and-after photos, and glean ideas for your own amazing room transformations.

Style lessons Learn how to freshen up and better organize porches, laundry rooms, hobby areas, and other special spaces.

Quick projects Bring cottage style to your home with do-in-a-day (or even a few hours) projects and ideas.


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