woensdag 27 november 2013

Party Like a Culinista: Fresh Recipes, Bold Flavors, and Good Friends by Jill Donenfeld and Josetth Gordon (Boek)

Party Like a Culinista is your guide to throwing dinner parties using fresh recipes that balance health, fun, and class. The culinista way to party means letting loose in the kitchen with unforgettable menus full of flair and fun that will wow your friends without weighing them down. With a healthy body and environment in mind, culinistas are all about minimally processed whole foods and lots of greens and grains — but they also remember to balance our indulgent side, including plenty of recipes that splurge in just the right places.

About the Author
Jill Donenfeld is the founder of The Culinistas, a weekly home chef service in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. But books, new business ventures, and killer parties make her repertoire a touch more eclectic. Since writing restaurant reviews for Time Out New York and then living in Madagascar where she was inspired to write a cookbook (Mankafy Sakafo: Delicious Meals From Madagascar), Jill has been interested in how mealtime rituals influence societies. Her next cookbook, Party Like a Culinista is recently in stores and published by Lake Isle Press. She writes for The Huffington Post (a column called Band Bites) and worked on location to write a cookbook for an Indian hotel in Tamil Nadu. her style, food, and travel has been chronicled in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, The LATimes, Daily Candy, Goop and Entrepreneur. She splits her time between Malibu and Manhattan and almost always says "yes" when invited elsewhere.
Chef Josetth Gordon cooks and entertains in NYC with the following thoughts in mind:
If you can sit with someone and enjoy a nurturing experience with them, you will forever be linked to that person and the entire moment builds your spirit. Your life is forever changed! Therefore, I have a quest to encourage these experiences on a daily basis. I am a trained chef and I endeavor to feed memories and happy spirits by providing delicious inspiration.



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