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Raising Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey and Kit Hinrichs (Boek)

Is your child a spendthrift? A hoarder? Or maybe, downright oblivious? Are there family money dramas you can do without? In RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS, Joline Godfrey, one of the country’s leading experts on kids, parents, and money, gives parents the secrets and knowledge she has gleaned from a decade of working with kids on financial literacy and business. At the heart of the book lies a defined set of values:
Money is a tool for achieving and maintaining independence.
Saving is good; accumulation for its own sake is not.
Spending is best done wisely and within one’s means (though a bold purchase or investment may also be an act of wisdom).
Greed is not good. Giving generously is part of one’s responsibility to the human family; shepherding wealth is an act of respect—to the past and the future.
Money is an energy (not a commodity) that can be used for evil or for good.Designed for adults—parents, grandparents, mentors, advisors, and educators—concerned about raising children ages 5 to 18, RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS is centered around a developmental map covering ten specific money skills each child can master by the age of 18 to become a financially secure adult. This map gives parents a step-by-step approach to helping their kids become habitual savers, smart money mangers, and responsible decision makers. More than just a money book, RAISING FINANCIALLY FIT KIDS will help parents send their children into the world as balanced, financially stable individuals and contributing members of both their family and community.

From Booklist
Money, a powerful factor in family dynamics, is often a difficult subject for families to address. Godfrey aims to help parents send their children into the world as financially savvy adults by identifying 10 specific skills that can be mastered by children ages 5 through 18. These include saving, keeping track of money, spending wisely, living on a budget, investing, handling credit responsibly, and using money to help others. Godfrey contends that her advice is for parents of every income level because the same financial issues confront those with means as confront those with few resources, regardless of race, class, culture, or political orientation. While this book conveniently doubles as an infomercial for her consulting practice, it does offer valuable insight into an important subject. Mary Whaley
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“I want to commend you on the Raising Financially Fit Kids newsletter. Each issue is informative. Thanks for the time and energy you put into it.”
—R. Quirk, Federal Reserve Bank

“I look forward to this every month and find it useful already with my five-year-old.”
—Toodi Gunter, Columnist, Business Week

“Once again Joline Godfrey sets the standard on the financial literacy front. All the tips today’s parents need are within this richly packed volume: Joline offers up age-appropriate lessons for each stage of a young person’s financial journey. No one does it better.”
—Whitney Ransome and Meg Milne Moulton, Executive Directors, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

“Financial literacy is listed in Faith Popcorn’s Dictionary of the Future as a service being offered by a growing number of investment firms for their clients. Godfrey’s book gives us yet another terrific tool with which to support the needs of our clients.”
—Carol Malnick, Partner, Nelson Capital
From the Publisher
A parent’s guide to raising financially sophisticated children, from the founder and CEO of the leading provider of financial programs for kids and parents.
Parental frustration over children who haven’t mastered the habits of conservative spending and liberal saving cuts across race, class, culture, and political orientation.

More than 100,000 young people have participated in Joline Godfrey’s programs, used her products, or visited her distinctive websites.

About the Author
Since 1992, JOLINE GODFREY has been a pioneer in the movement to increase financial literacy and empowerment in young people; today she is one of the country’s leading experts on kids, parents, and money. Joline holds degrees from the University of Maine and Boston University, and has studied child development extensively. She is the author of Our Wildest Dreams, No More Frogs to Kiss, and Twenty $ecrets: The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life. Joline lives in Ojai, California.


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