vrijdag 29 november 2013

Shoes: A History From Sandals to Sneakers

'At last a work that deals not only with the history of footwear, but also with its cultural significance. This volume helps transform the shoe from a mundane object of everyday use into something of great social and psychological power.' Manolo Blahnik 'If you have ever wondered why women are forever in search of, consumed by, in love with, transformed by "The Perfect Shoe": wonder no longer. Simply read this history of shoes. Then go out and buy some more. ' Stuart Weitzman 'A landmark contribution to the study of the 'world of clothes'...an examplar in showing what is possible, what can be done and how to go about doing it...By our shoes are we known, read and put into social identity boxes.' Cultural Sociology '... moves the shoe definitively from the margins of 'accessory' to the centre of fashion. This survey of the shoe in all its aspects - historical, cultural and global - reveals footwear as a key to the vicissitudes of fashion and iconic in itself.' Elizabeth Wilson 'A landmark publication and immensely timely for the history of dress. It provides not only a wealth of important new information about the public and private meanings of shoes but also a sharp critique of these previously neglected articles of wear.' Margaret Maynard 'Never losing its footing in the methodological minefield that is cultural history, Shoes: a history from sandals to sneakers strides impressively towards establishing footwear as a significant commodity, metaphor, aesthetic object and signifier within a wide-range of cultural and historic contexts.' Ulrich Lehmann 'With hundreds of stunning photographs, Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers traces the importance of just about every kind of footwear to reveal how fashion has changed over the years.' Zoom Fashion Portal 'An exceptionally beautiful and wide-ranging history of footwear.' The Observer 'Anyone who has ever spent the rent on a pair of impossibly high stilettos, has bought shoes that don't fit, or owns shoes they have never worn, will want to get their hands on this beautiful coffee-table tome.' The Times Magazine 'Charting their history, 'Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers, takes a peak at some of the best. Stilettos, wellies, sneakers and boots - they're all included and put in their cultural, historical, political and social contexts, each foot fashion is explained in detail alongside beautifully executed illustrations and photographs.' Dazed and Confused 'All them [the contributors] are engagingly passionate about their particular footwear niche. ... Erotic Connections are everywhere in this book. ... Hardly a stone is left unturned - or unillustrated - in this department.' The Times "Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers' is footwear fof thought. This lavishly illustrated collection of essays presents a global history of the humble (and not-so-humble) shoe as a symbol of style, status, sexuality and desire, from ancient times to the present day.' The Remix - supplement to the New York Times '[Shoes] is lavishly ... illustrated, and the pages of text are colour-coordinated with the pics, as good accessories should be.' The Evening Standard 'This book reveals all this and more, guiding readers through footwear history and giving some examples of artistic, literary and, obviously, fashionable interpretations.' Alessandra Capozzi, Collezioni Donna


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