vrijdag 29 november 2013

Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know...-Stephanie Pedersen

Product Description
-An exuberant expose of the history of shoes from the first modest moccasin to the latest Burberry boot
-Exceptionally illustrated with shoe photographs, intriguing vintage advertisements, and stunning celebrity images

-A low price point makes this the perfect gift for all women with a weakness for shoes Peep-toes, kitten heels, Chelsea boots, espadrilles, slingbacks, mules, stilettos, wedgies, platforms -- fabulous footwear of all forms takes center stage in this must-have gift book for all dedicated followers of fashion. The beautifully packaged gift book is a veritable shoe bible, allowing readers to explore the footwear hall of fame and explore every significant development in the evolution of shoes.

From the earliest moccasins of 8000 BC to the latest innovations of the 21st century, Shoes charts the rise of shoes from comfort to couture, and features top designers, trendsetters, celebrity shoeaholics, and fashionistas, and is sure to excite and inspire glamour girls everywhere.

About the Author
Stephanie Pedersen is an author and journalist who specialises in fashion, beauty and health. Her articles have appeared in Sassy, Glamour, Teen, Girl, Woman's World, Cosmopolitan, Fit, American Woman and Weight Watchers. She is the author of nearly 20 books, including Bra: A Thousand Years of Style, Support and Seduction (D&C, 2004) and teaches creative writing.


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