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Simply Ming One-Pot Meals: Quick, Healthy & Affordable Recipes - Ming Tsai, Arthur Boehm

From Publishers Weekly
James Beard Award'winning chef Tsai (and author of Simply Ming) provides 80 one-pan recipes that can be created quickly and healthfully, with relatively inexpensive ingredients. Tsai focuses on seven cooking methods best-suited to one-pot meals: braise, wok, sauté, roast, high temp--which includes steaming and flash frying--soup, and toss. Throughout, Tsai offers preparation tips and drink suggestions, and each recipe is accompanied by a full-color photo. Tsai's trademark Asian flair is evident, but he also ventures into the realm of comfort food, with garlic osso buco with celeriac, chicken meatballs with penne and tomato sauce, and panko-crusted turkey "scaloppini" with warm mango-cranberry chutney. Recipes are short--none longer than one page--and easy to construct. Tsai also includes a helpful glossary of ingredients and techniques for those looking for additional culinary instruction. From kung pao chicken with brown rice to Thai basil shrimp risotto or beef, shiitake, and broccoli stir-fry, Tsai's creations will tempt and delight. Suitable for everyday use, this attractive and highly accessible collection will delight Tsai's many fans and broaden his appeal to those who want a more varied approach to weeknight meals. (Nov.) (c)
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"From East to West, Ming is rocking the wok and dishing out other one-pot wonders. Simply easy... Simply delicious... Simply Ming." --Rachael Ray

"Nobody does it like Ming and in this book he masterfully simplifi es some awesome dishes for the everyday cook at home." --Emeril Lagasse

"This is my type of food, substantial and mouth-watering. The emphasis here is mostly on taste and the focus is on single dishes that are unique, well made, and satisfying to the belly and to the soul. This is perfect food to share with family and friends." --Jacques Pépin

If, like me, you have marvelled at the culinary skills of Ming The Magnificent, this new book (his first in five years) is the perfect opportunity to recreate the magic at home. This time he turns his unique "East Meets West" approach to over eighty staggeringly delicious one-pot meals that will keep both the family and the bank manager very happy indeed. It's great to have him back and at the very top of his game. --Simon Majumdar

Blending East Asian and Western techniques and ingredients, Ming Tsai has created a wonderfully tasty world of modern, simple, one-pot meals that should be in the repertoire of every single family. This book is going straight into my kitchen. --Madhur Jaffrey

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