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Simply Sensational Cookies - Nancy Baggett (Boek)

Sophisticated, contemporary cookie recipes from one of America's most respected baking experts
From bestselling cookbook author and award-winner Nancy Baggett comes Simply Sensational Cookies, a delicious collection of cookie recipes that covers both the classics that mom used to make and modern, innovative ideas for the adventurous baker. Whether you're a novice baker, an experienced cook, or a parent looking for new treats to try, this is the ideal cookbook for cookie-lovers, with more than 200 recipes ranging from fast and simple no-bake preparations to challenging projects for experienced bakers.

Features more than 200 recipes, from traditional cookies like chocolate chip to sophisticated, savory cocktail nibbles
Includes gorgeous and inspiring full-color photography throughout
Nancy Baggett is also the author of Kneadlessly Simple (Wiley) and twelve other highly respected cookbooks
Whether you need quick treats for the kids to snack on or fancy fare for your next cocktail party, Simply Sensational Cookies offers a wide range of recipes that will satisfy your every craving.

From the Inside Flap
In this age of sophisticated palates and adventurous eaters, a cookie should be more than just a cookie. We love mom's comforting, homestyle chocolate chip cookies, but also enjoy modern flare and upscale ingredients. We like straightforward, easy preparations but also go for big, bold tastes, complex flavor blends, and surprising textures. We want even simple, basic cookies like shortbreads and buttery rounds to bowl us over and make us say "wow." Award- winning author and cookie guru Nancy Baggett delivers everything we're looking for—and some extras we haven't thought of—in this trailblazing 200-plus recipe collection.

Whatever kind of cookie you crave, it's in Simply Sensational Cookies. From updated childhood favorites to contemporary classics to extra-quick, semi-scratch, and no-bake treats, you'll find dozens of irresistible choices. The book offers many fresh, enticing takes on drops, bars, biscotti, and such, plus a whole chapter of inventive, totally new savory and semisweet creations called cocktail and "crossover" cookies that spotlight both familiar and novel ingredients in innovative ways. Here and there, fresh herbs, unusual spices, freeze-dried berries, green tea, and even hot peppers and flowers like lavender and roses provide intriguing, unexpectedly gratifying results. Standout textures work in concert with aromas and flavors to pack extra pleasure into each little bite—snaps really snap, crisps crunch delightfully, and tender meltaways dissolve pleasantly on the tongue.

Because appearance and presentation play a huge part in the allure of many cookies, Simply Sensational Cookies devotes a big, visually stunning chapter to cookie decorating and artistry. Besides the expected traditional array of icings, buttercreams, and garnishes, you'll find dozens of creative, cutting-edge ways to add pizazz. A wealth of easy au naturel recipes for homemade decorating sugars, sprinkles, drizzles, and other finishing touches let you take clever advantage of intensely aromatic and naturally colorful citrus, berries, herbs, and edible flowers to deliver a powerful one-two punch of flavor and eye appeal. As a bonus, these naturally beautiful accents make it possible for those who wish to minimize the use of synthetic food dyes to do so and still produce dazzling looks.

Brightened with gorgeous full-color photography throughout and packed with handy tips, ingenious ideas, and tempting, carefully tested recipes from fast, fun, and kid-friendly to fancy and gourmet, this book is a joyful and inspiring celebration of all things wonderful in the cookie world. Simply Sensational Cookies is exactly that!

From the Back Cover
From tried-and-true classics to trend-setting creations, look inside for almost any kind of cookie you can imagine:

Super-easy one-bowl and no-bake cookies
Drop cookies
Hand-shaped and rolled cookies
Brownies and bars
Slice and bakes
Cocktail crackers and semi-sweet snacks
Cookies-in-jars mixes
Semi-homemade cookies
Fancy cookies and decorations
Traditional and au naturel dye-free frostings and fillings
And much more . . .


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