maandag 25 november 2013

So what can you do for the busy mom in your life (or yourself) for Mother’s Day that can help with organization? (Overig)

Here are some non clutter gift ideas:

1. Get a label maker and tape and mark where everything belongs. Then help mom put it away.
2. A gift certificate for a personal chef or to a make-it and take-it place such as Super Suppers.
3. Laundry Service – Atlanta Laundry Bag and Roswell’s Laundry Lady do pick-up and drop-off. Hmm no laundry? More time for family.
4. Cleaning services – even a one day deep clean is a breath of fresh air.
5. Organizing services! A Professional Organizer can straighten up and teach mom and family new tricks so the house stays sane and organized.
6. Massage
7. Day of computer organization, defragging, de-culutting, de-bugging, and updating with the Geek Squad or other service.
8. Tickets to a show or museum.
9. Give mom a good chuckle with an improv show or comedy show.
10. Time – spend some quality time with mom!!

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