zaterdag 23 november 2013

Style Yourself Over 40, 50 & Beyond - Sybil Henry (Boek)

Style Yourself Over 40, 50 & Beyond will put and end to fashion crises and closet drama. You'll get dressed faster, look fabulous and feel more confident about how you look and feel...everyday. With this proven style system, you will shop strategically to find the clothes that are perfectly suited for your unique style and body shape. Shopping will be fun again!

Style yourself over 40, 50 and beyond has taught me not only how to identify my own unique style and how that style reflects my personality, but why it's important to convey a consistent style that authentically communicates who I am . But it doesn't stop there. The author tells me where to shop to get the garments that reflect my style. I had no idea how relieving it would be just to know my style, where to shop for my style, and to know that my closet could be filled with garments that would allow me to dress in my style every single day. I no longer worry when I have to go shopping.

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