zaterdag 23 november 2013

Styling tips for offices (Overig)

Gee...we haven't moved in our new offices yet that we already have a photoshoot scheduled! Crazy!
Francois has been commissioned by Curio magazine to shoot our team and our new studio/showroom in February and while it's totally manic at the moment, I feel there is nothing like a good deadline to get you (well me) cracking with the interior design of our new offices.
I have been compiling inspiring images of workspaces on Pinterest for a while now and here are the first 4 plans of actions I want to tackle to create an office environment that feels welcoming, nurturing and friendly:

1) Replace our old Ikea desks (sorry Swedish giant it's time to move on!) by 2 or 3 FORM tables for the team and line them up in a row to maximise the space and create a friendly environment,
2) Replace our dry-wipe board by a couple of blackboards to keep track of our deadlines and projects and pin inspiring mood boards,
3) Mix chic industrial furniture with contemporary designs and gorgeous prints like this Feathers print or the Batgirl print to achieve a look that reflects our brand ethos,
4) Use these clipboards to display the flatplan of our mail order catalogue, mood boards and 2013 priority projects (i.e. pop-up store, new catalogue, etc...)

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