woensdag 27 november 2013

Successful Indoor Organic Vegetable Gardening Manual by Anthony Higgins (Boek)

This garden manual is specifically designed for teaching anyone how to grow vegetables indoors. The manual is easy to follow and sure to provide a bounty of crops that will continually give year round. It includes never thought of before ideas utilizing new and old technologies to grow a bullet proof garden free from pests, weeds and chemicals. Join the latest trend of self sufficiency by growing organic vegetables indoors using solid methodologies and easy to understand steps with very low cost setups.

About the Author
I have lived in Idaho my entire life. I grew up in a very agricultural community that included farms, dairies, orchards, cattle ranches and fish hatcheries along with the production plants that packed and put the local grown items on the shelves in the grocery stores. Being around such a host of agriculture during my life I have naturally, been introduced to many various opinions and methods regarding the production of all kinds of food in its raw form. I truly believe as a grown man with a great amount of common sense, some insight and a knack for writing I am obligated to pass along a bit of knowledge to help spark some better practices that can be used and built upon for my beloved daughter and her generation, and others that follow.


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