zaterdag 23 november 2013

The 30 Day Do Nothing Challenge! (Overig)

So have you ever heard of a 30 do nothing challenge? That is our families challenge for April, and we are hoping to have you join us so we're not alone! The true challenge will be to not spend any money, or buy anything but food. Yes, this does include not buying gas!

We have had a few days to prepare for this, so I had my kids make a list of items we "must" buy before April 1st. We had to buy such things as toilet paper, female items, razors, and other necessities. I am teaching my girls how to make a razor last forever. Perhaps I should put that tip in another post. :) Food is the only thing we are allowed to buy in April and that does NOT include junk food or going out to eat.

Wow, in preparation for this challenge I have come to realize how much we depend on "stuff". I say that because I have felt an almost panic feeling as I want to make sure I have EVERYTHING I need. What if I forget something, what if we have to go without something we need to survive? *sarcastic* What's funny, is there has probably been times before when I have gone an entire month w/out making a purchase, but it wasn't intentional. Who knows, maybe I haven't!

As some of you may know, Earth Day is in April and our family does something every year even if it is just to plant some flowers. This year, we want to make it a month long celebration that we can carry throughout the rest of the year. So, we will not be consumers this month, we will use less, get rid of more, recycle, have a 24 hour "electronic" fast, a 24 hour food fast, and buy NOTHING but food. I hope you will join us and leave comments on how your family is doing. If I were more computer savvy, I would leave a link to sign up for the challenge. I will have a special challenge for Earth Day which is April 22nd.
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