dinsdag 26 november 2013

The As If Principle: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life by Richard Wiseman (Boek)

Change the way you behave and you change the way you feel—that’s the simple and powerful message in this insightful and engaging new book by internationally renowned psychologist Richard Wiseman.
Most self-help books encourage you to think differently: to think yourself thin, imagine a richer self or to visualize the perfect you. This is difficult, time consuming, and often doesn’t work.

Tossing out the rule book, Professor Richard Wiseman—a renowned psychologist with 90,000 Twitter followers and 13 million YouTube viewers—presents a radical new insight into your body and brain: that it is your actions that have the power to instantly change the way you think and feel. Smile and you’ll become measurably happier. Clench your fist and you will increase your willpower. Put a spring in your step and you will feel instantly younger. Acting, not thinking, is what controls your emotions and allows you to unleash your hidden potential.

Drawing on a dazzling array of scientific evidence, Professor Wiseman shows how this simple idea can be used to easily increase motivation, overcome depression, lose weight, stop smoking, and even slow aging.

So don’t just think about changing your life. Do it.


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