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The Glorious Pasta of Italy by Domenica Marchetti and France Ruffenach

Celebrating pasta in all its glorious forms, author Domenica Marchetti draws from her Italian heritage to share 100 classic and modern recipes. Step-by-step instructions for making fresh pasta offer plenty of variations on the classic egg pasta, while a glossary of pasta shapes, a source list for unusual ingredients, and a handy guide for stocking the pantry with pasta essentials encourage the home cook to look beyond simple spaghetti. No matter how you sauce it, The Glorious Pasta of Italy is sure to have pasta lovers everywhere salivating.

Domenica Marchetti's The Glorious Pasta of Italy is a mouthwatering ode to the traditional mainstay of Italian cuisine. Her recipes are simple but sublime, and cover regional specialties, family favorites, and modern interpretations.
-- Fine Cooking

Domenica Marchetti's latest tome makes a fine reference.... She offers more than 100 recipes categorized by use, such as pasta in soups, pasta with sauce, baked pasta, classic dishes and more.
-- La Cucina Italiana

"Sure, we probably don't need another pasta cookbook. But The Glorious Pasta of Italy by Domenica Marchetti is pretty hard to pass up -- and we have a lot of Italian cookbooks in our library." -- LA Weekly
From the Back Cover
"In The Glorious Pasta of Italy, Domenica Marchetti shares her passion with you. Her recipes for my favorite food -- pasta -- are unpretentious, genuine, and mouthwatering. Brava!" --Giuliano Hazan, author, Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta.

"Domenica has captured the heart and soul of true Italian pasta. Simple but not made easy solely for the American public like so many pasta books before. Simple from centuries of cooking the same dish until it is perfected. Now all of us at home have the wonderful chance to share these delectable treats with our friends and family. My early edition has scores of dog-eared pages. I can't wait. I suggest you don't either." -- Michael Chiarello, chef/owner Bottega restaurant, Food Network host, and vintner Chiarello Family Vineyards

"I am passionate about pasta and would adore to eat it every day of my life. Preparing the homemade pastas in this book makes me feel proud, like an Italian nonna, and the dried pastas will enrich my weekday evenings." -- Cathy Whims, chef owner, Nostrana restaurant

About the Author
Domenica Marchetti is a writer and cooking teacher specializing in contemporary Italian home cooking. She traces her heritage to Abruzzo and currently lives with her family in Virginia.

France Ruffenach is a San Francisco-based photographer.


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