donderdag 28 november 2013

The New Classicists: Appleton & Associates, Inc. Architects - Images Publishing Group (Boek)

Product Description
The design work of Marc Appleton's practice is a collaborative process with its clients, inspired by and responsive to their specific desires and needs. Frequently, it draws upon the time-honoured traditions of vernacular architecture, subtly reinterpreting them to evoke a presence of the past. The firm strives to avoid a repetitiously personalised style and is committed to the idea that architecture is a craft rather than an art, a process rather than an object. Appleton agrees with fellow Californian architect William Wurste's view that architecture is for people 'the picture frame, and not the picture'. Also available in the series: William T. Baker ISBN 10: 1920744576 ISBN 13: 9781920744571 %40.00 Ken Tate Architect, Vol. 1 ISBN 10: 1864701013 ISBN 13: 9781864701012 %40.00 Ken Tate Architect, Vol. 2 ISBN 10: 1920744436 ISBN 13: 9781920744434 %40.00

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