zaterdag 23 november 2013

The No Shampoo Challenge (the proof) (Overig)

I wanted to show a picture of exactly what I use and how I do the baking soda/vinegar to wash and rinse my hair. There is a picture of the size of bottle I use. I poke a hole in the top of the lids so we can squeeze the mixture out instead of dumping the entire mixture on. It doesn't really matter how you do it, that is just how we prefer it. I also wanted to post a picture of my daughter's hair to prove how beautiful the mixture makes your hair look. This is my 14 yo dd who has not used shampoo in her hair for 2 months now.

There is a previous post on the recipe. Also keep in mind that each person may need a different formula for their hair. This is the formula that works for us. We all have either long and or thick hair. You may need more or less. I also want to point out that for some people there is a transition period. Just be patient and keep trying it. I didn't have one, but my 15 yo dd did.

As far as my hair is concerned, I have not used shampoo for nearly 3 months now. My hair has never felt cleaner or been more soft.I used to have to put some kind of product in it in order to keep it from being frizzy. I have curly hair, and with this method my hair is slightly curlier and it is never frizzy. I stopped using all commercial products all together (another savings). 
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