woensdag 27 november 2013

The Relaxed Home - Atlanta Bartlett (Boek)

Product Description
Atlanta Bartlett shows you how to create a relaxed ambience in every room in your home. Relaxed Simplicity is a softened, pared-down look; Relaxed Romantic gives pretty floral fabrics a fresh new feel. Those who crave the unashamedly sensual will love Relaxed Sensuality, while glamour aficionados will love Relaxed Elegance. And if you can't stop collecting, Relaxed Eclectic will show you how your treasures can look truly chic.

About the Author
Atlanta Bartlett is a leading stylist who has contributed to a number of publications including "Red", "Harpers & Queen", "Homes & Gardens", and "Marie Claire". Her clients include Harrods, Habitat, and Laura Ashley.


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