donderdag 28 november 2013

Things a Woman Should Know About Shoes - Karen Homer (Boek)

Product Description
For every woman who is obsessed with stilettos, lusts for boots, longs for fluffy slippers, or dreams of sexy sandals, this is a whimsical look at shoes and the women who love them. For many the mere thought of new shoes prompts an involuntary sigh of pleasure. Is buying the perfect pair of pumps better than sex? It’s possible, or at least that’s what the advertisements would have us believe. Can the right shoes get you your man? A new job? Change your personality? Fashion journalist Karen Holmer explains how the right set of heels can alter the way you feel about yourself, not least by simply changing the way you walk. Full of advice on how to make your shoe-buying habit work for you, tips on downsizing your collection, or and how to pick the essentials each season, this guide is the next best thing to a new pair.

About the Author
Karen Homer is a fashion journalist who regularly writes for The Times and has contributed to Harpers & Queen, Elle, and Vogue. She is also the author of Things a Woman Should Know About Style.

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