woensdag 27 november 2013

Together We Go: Extraordinary Family Journeys to Discover and Remember by Anita Kaushal (Boek)

See the world as a family.

We all know that travel can rejuvenate the spirit and ignite the imagination–especially for children. But as any parent will attest, the challenge often lies in finding one trip that nourishes everyone.

In Together We Go, Anita Kaushal presents a treasure trove of ideas, illustrated with hundreds of gorgeous photographs, for vacations that will at once thrill kids and impress sophisticated adults. Whether it’s a spectacular North Sea voyage on the Hebridean Princess, a visit to the haunt of your children’s favorite literary character, or a Cinco de Mayo celebration with the locals, Anita Kaushal has dreamed up fantastic vacations that are inspirational and aspirational–the details for which can’t be found anywhere else.

From choosing the right destination for the right age and the right reasons to preparing for the journey (what to bring and how to get there) to an invaluable resource section with websites, phone numbers, and further reading to help with the nuts and bolts of your journey, Together We Go covers everything you need to know to make the experience extraordinary. Whether you’re on a castle trip of Europe, a safari adventure, or a pail-and-shovel beach weekend, it is the shared experience of the trip that brings a family together, and each trip is devised with that in mind.

And, by adding playfulness and adventure into the mix, you are guaranteed to have a trip that will feed the imagination and the soul throughout the journey–and when you’re back home with warm memories.

About the Author
ANITA KAUSHAL is the author of The Family at Home, a book about designing and living in an elegant home with your children. A contributor to Cookie, she is also a consultant to travel companies on how to capture the attention of a family-centric market. Kaushal lives with her husband and their two children in the Notting Hill section of London.



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