vrijdag 29 november 2013

Tyler Florence: Stirring the Pot

Product Description

A hands-on guide to help readers fall in love with
their kitchen again. Inspiration for home cooks to reach that light bulb moment.

Opens with a hardworking front of book: The Anatomy of a Knife,Pots and Pans You Can't Live Without,Good, Better, Best (Tyler rates the latest gadgets and kitchen equipment).

Tyler shares how to navigate the aisles of a grocery store like a pro so readers can create the Ultimate pantry.

More than 100 must-master recipes.

Loaded with photos, including one of every recipe.
About the Author
Florence brings a unique perspective to the table with his understanding of how Americans like to cook and eat today, having helped people across the country with their cooking challenges. Before becoming a celebrity chef on the Food Network, he was the executive chef at the award-winning restaurant Cafeteria in Manhattan. He trained at the College of Culinary Arts at Johnston & Wales University in South Carolina. He has been featured in Food & Wine, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, USA Weekend, and People, and created specially branded menu items for Applebee's restaurant chain, appearing in their television commercials.



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