zaterdag 23 november 2013

You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy - Abbey Hendrickson

Abbey Hendrickson writes the highly trafficked blog Aesthetic Outburst, which documents her life in an old farmhouse in rural New York. In between DIY disasters, childcare catastrophes, book obsessions and cultural consumption, Abbey makes some fantastic and funky craft projects, which she sells through her online Etsy shop. You Are Awesome collects together 21 of her craft ideas from her blog and her "20 in 20" challenge (for which she made 20 crafts in 20 days), each one presented in color and clearly explained step by step. They range from an embroidery sampler to a bookshelf to a laptop toy made from a cardboard box. The projects are fairly simple, but all distinctive and quirky, and will appeal to novices and crafting professionals alike. Each one captures the warmth and humor that Abbey herself radiates and which has made her and her blog so popular. You Are Awesome follows Cicada Books' recent publication, State of Craft, and will appeal to a new generation of young crafters seeking fresh inspiration for cultivating their own individual aesthetic. Small and chunky, with a hard-cut gray board cover and overflowing with illustrations and photography, it is itself a crafty object you will want to have and to hold, and makes a perfect feel-good gift for the holiday season.

I highly recommend this book. The first craft I started working on is easy to follow and makes me feel a ton more artistic than I really am. I had heard of this book from my wife who enjoys Abbey's blog, and I am going to try to surprise her with both the book and a craft at the same time. I highly recommend Abbey's blog, and this book portrays her warmth. A great pickup both for yourself or as a unique gift for someone else that will show them you're thinking about them.

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