dinsdag 26 november 2013

1-Day Executive Coaching: Getting the Right Things Done! Now. Practical Tools for Managers and Coaches - Shmaya David (Boek)

1-Day Executive Coaching is a groundbreaking system that will enable you to get the results you want quicker.

Whether you are a coach, a business owner, a professional, a senior executive or a mid-level manager, the pressure is growing on everybody to deliver more with less. It is not always clear how to do it, or even what is best to focus on.

1-Day Executive Coaching is a proven method that was tested in corporations, small businesses, NGOs, government agencies and even the military. It will enable you to identify, in any situation, what is the one most important factor for your success, why it is important, what should be your goal and what actions you need to take to realize it. And it will enable you to get all this within one working day, or less.

Top coaches like Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor or T Harv eker are great motivators and teach effective ways to achieve success. However, sometimes their methods leave a lot for you to figure out on your own. This book will lay in front of you the exact road map to success. Nothing is left out.

The system you get is made of a sequence of clearly defined and integrated steps that you can apply to determine and achieve exactly what you want.
The book is written in a simple, no-nonsense language. Every term is defined and examples are given.

The book contains all the information and tools you need to let you sit down in the morning with only a vague problem description in mind, and step-by-step, get the clarity you need to resolve it, until before the day is done you have a clear plan of action to get what you want.

When you buy the book you also get a link to all the forms, tables and reference materials that will facilitate the process.

Get your copy now.

I was a business coach for almost twenty years and have read a large number of books on "coaching". Very few have equaled this book for its approach, the detail it includes, the ideas and suggestions and the systematic approach it offers. Its specific value - as opposed to the more general - is two-fold, I think. It enables the person being coached, business owner, team leader, whoever, to generate responsibility for their own vision of the future, their own goals and their own outcomes. The book actually - and rightly so - warns against the coach delivering solutions following the analysis and assessment stage, for the "performer" to adopt. While, on the surface, this might not sound like much, in practice it is huge. Too often consultants arrive, investigate and then conclude what needs to be done, leaving the company, department or individual with the task of delivering on "outside" ideas. Responsibility is developed when a performer becomes responsible for her/his own ideas and solutions. The other specific is the "kit" that comes with the book - the charts and worksheets provide an excellent set of steps for the parties to follow - with or without a paid consultant to assist.
I gave the book 5 stars because of its thrust, content and deliverables. It was written by someone whose first language is not English and that shows but it is such a minor point I do not think it deserves lowering the star rating.

Got lucky to read the copy my friend has and do not regret it.

Despite the promise of one day, this book offers detailed view that is likely to take you lot longer to absorb. That's not to say it is a bad thing. I enjoy the way author explains basics as well as reason and results you can expect from each step.

You get diagrams, examples and whole load of information in nicely formatted, reader friendly ebook whether you are coach, or a business man. Author even shows you how to go about coaching according the book principles and to his credit, that's where the name probably originates from. It would take one day intensive training session to be introduced to the principles.

Most importantly, you get to be introduced to the coaching that is very flexible and future proof for you as a coach and for your clients alike. You don't need to be coach to red the book of course. It would serve well as a business guide to the management of pretty much any business and I would probably really recommended it as a companion to your business plan creation book.

I would recommended it to anyone in a hart beat, just don't expect to absorb the techniques in a day.

A book on a very effective method of management coaching, also helpful for any manager to identify their values and goals: in other words, what is the future success your enterprise needs and how do you get there?

A great step by step process is taught. I recommend this book to any who want to achieve outstanding organizational success and are willing to take a bit of time to identify the key factors necessary. It is written in a great conversational style.


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