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Everyone Can Be A Millionaire...How To Create Wealth Over Time (Beginner's Guide to Financial Planning) - Steve Swanson (Boek)

This 45 page book describes the successful personal financial plan utilized by the author and his family. This book is best suited to those just beginning their journey to establish their own financial plan. This is not to say that a more sophisticated investor will not benefit from the information in this book for it is more than just detailing a financial plan, it is helping you establish the discipline to carry it out. If you are looking for a revolutionary new concept this is not the book for you. What the book does do is detail how the author put many of these time tested techniques to work for he and his family and succesfully carry out his plan over many years. Though there are many books on this topic, few are written by people like you and I that have actually put the practice into place. This book describes a simple plan that can be easily followed by everyone from those just starting out to a retiree.

The stress that financial problems cause on a family are well documented and there is simply no need for this if you follow a simple budget and manage your money as described in this book.

So many things in life are made more complicated than they need to be. Best selling authors are compelled to write 200-300 page books to justify the price. In the end all this does is create confusion and "paralysis by analysis" for the reader. The simple approach described in this book will motivate you to begin your plan.

We are fast approaching, (if we are not already there), a crisis as the baby boomer generation begins to retire. How many of us have been taught how to manage our money, let alone build our own retirement program? With the pension plan gone the way of the horse and buggy you are now on your own. Schools have done a terrible job preparing their students for this very important part of life.

The book is more than a blue print to establish your own personal financial plan. It is meant to motivate you to a better way of life. The book talks about taking control of your life so that you can decide what you want to do once you have achieved your financial goals.

As a bonus, included with this book purchase, the author is including a Free Budget Worksheet and his Copyrighted Retirement Calculator. The retirement calculator was built in Microsoft Excel. The calculator had been selling on Amazon since June of 2009 for $29.95. Combined with the price of the book, this is a fantastic opportunity to obtain the information and tools necessary to implement a financial plan at a very low cost.

Below is a list of the chapters in the book:


Everyone can be a Millionaire...Really?


Pay Yourself First

Debt Reduction

Credit Cards

Emergency Fund

Living within your means



Pension and the 401

The Power of Dollar Cost Averaging

The Magic of Compounding

Passive Income

Individual Stocks and Mutual funds

Vacation Property

Retirement Calculators

Next Steps

Withdrawal Stage

Pensionize your 401


Estate Planning

Market Timing

Financial Advisors



Your Health

What to do in Retirement

Summary of Relevant Points



Hope you enjoy the book!!

eBook Publishers Company
Author: Steve Swanson

Link to Author profile on Amazon:


"Steve Swanson has figured it out. Take advantage of someone who has spent countless hours preparing his own plan and has successfully carried it out."
Oli Hille
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
From the Author
When I was in my early 20's I decided that I wanted to develop a long term financial plan so that I could retire early if I wanted to. The reality is it was also born out of a lack of confidence in myself. Many of us start our careers and families after depending on our parents for all our needs. All of a sudden you are on your own. At least for me, this was just a little intimidating. I was getting married and wanted children. That is a lot of responsibility that was about to come my way.
I started studying financial planning as well as retirement planning and came up with a strategy that is detailed in the book. Sure, you could go about researching this on your own. Why not benefit from the knowledge of someone who has put in a great deal of time preparing their own plan and has successfully carried this out during one of the most difficult times since the Great Depression?
This book details the process to Build Wealth Over Time, and yes, how You Can Be A Millionaire.
The book also explains the proper way to budget, which is a critical part of this plan. In addition to the Free Retirement Calculator included with every book there is a Free Budget Worksheet.
I hope his book provides the inspiration you need to start your own plan and achieve the dreams you have for an enjoyable retirement doing what it is that you desire.
From the Inside Flap

Everyone has financial choices to make throughout their life and as they plan for their retirement. You can live off social security after a lifetime of hard work or you can retire early and do what you want in life. The choice seems easy; however statistics show that too many people simply are not planning for their retirement. What better way to learn how to navigate the difficult challenges of planning for your retirement than from someone who has done it. Steve Swanson has figured it out. Take advantage of someone who has spent countless hours preparing his own plan and has successfully carried it out. Steve has read several of my books and has followed the principals I believe in. I really enjoyed this practical book. It provides inspiration to start your own plan and achieve the dreams you have for an enjoyable retirement.

Oli Hille
International Bestselling Author of the #1 Bestseller "Creating the Perfect
About the Author
Steve Swanson was born in 1958. For 30 years he has been working in the banking business and currently is employed as a Bank President. Mr. Swanson serves on several boards and is well respected in his community. He has been married since 1981 and has 2 grown children.
He has been studying personal finance for all of his adult life to establish a financial plan for he and his family.
In 2012 Mr. Swanson formed eBook Publishers Company.
He did so to begin publishing his own series of ebooks. At this time he considers his role as an author to be a "hobby" with a goal of providing useful information in a short and simple format so others may benefit from his years of research on financial planning and the related field of retirement planning.
His book "Everyone Can Be A Millionaire...How To Create Wealth Over Time" became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the Education Finance category only 8 days sfter being published.

Contact Information: steveswanson11@gmail.com


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