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200 Best Panini Recipes - Tiffany Collins

Editorial Reviews
I may have to get a panini press after all. (Claudia Kousoulas Cookbook Digest 20081224)

You can duplicate the tasty excitement of a bistro in your own home with a little help from this new collection of panini recipes.... Whether you want to prepare a traditional sandwich or something more exotic, these recipes will provide you with an array of tasty choices. (Larry Cox Tucson Citizen )

Discover easy, quickly prepared recipes from simple and sophisticated to elegant and earthy. (Ann Hattes Beacon (Colorado) )
Product Description
The fresh, robust flavors of Italian grilled sandwiches.

A panini is an Italian-inspired pressed sandwich enjoyed throughout Italy and, increasingly, in North American cafés, restaurants and kitchens. Italians regard panini as fast food thanks to its easy preparation, which also accounts for its success in North America. Sales of panini makers have skyrocketed, with small appliance manufacturers releasing new models each year.

Tiffany Collins provides great recipes that replicate the bistro experience and maximize the use of a home panini maker. Among the recipes for this vibrant, flavorful food are:

Salami, prosciutto, mozzarella panini with roasted red peppers; Philly cheesesteak panini
Bacon, spinach and hard-boiled egg panini; smoked salmon, red onion, cream cheese and caper panini
Sweet Italian sausage, provolone and tomato sauce panini; hummus, red onion and Swiss cheese panini
Pulled pork panini; Tuscan tuna and white bean panini; shrimp club panini
Cuban panini; smores panini; sliced beef, caramelized onions and gorgonzola panini
Smoked turkey, brie and Granny Smith apple panini; south of the border turkey panini with perfect guacamole.
This Italian tradition can now be experienced at home and enjoyed by the whole family.

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