donderdag 28 november 2013

Use It Up Cookbook: Creative Recipes for the Frugal Cook - Catherine Kitcho

Editorial Reviews
The Use It Up Cookbook: Creative Recipes for the Frugal Cook is a handy kitchen reference that contains more than 125 recipes using ingredients that are frequently left over from other dishes and often go to waste. Perfect for small households, each chapter focuses on a single ingredient like tomato paste, cheese, applesauce and cooked rice, to name just a few. There are recipe styles to suit every taste, including comfort foods, light and healthy alternatives, and creative gourmet combinations. The book includes pages at the end of each chapter for jotting down your own notes and recipes, and a concise guide to proper food storage provides information to help keep track of what's in your pantry. --
Product Description
If you have pent-up guilt, if you were lectured by your parents, or if you just want to be frugal about using all the food you paid for The Use-It-Up Cookbook is just the book for you. By following its instructions, you will rid yourself of the guilt and use up what's left of the package, jar, bottle, bunch, or can! Two bananas have become more brown than yellow. You've moved the half carton of buttermilk in the refrigerator yet again to retrieve something on the shelf behind it. Why not look up the recipes for bananas and buttermilk in The Use-It-Up Cookbook to see how you might be able to incorporate them into this evening's dinner or tomorrow's lunch? The same can be done with the bunch of celery that has at least one or two stalks that are still green and that barely used can of tomato paste. What makes this cookbook so useful is that it's designed to help you do this, unlike more traditional cookbooks that do not list minor ingredients such as these.

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