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8 Very Cool Organizing Tips for Your Home (Overig)

April 4, 2012 By Deanna Leave a Comment

Home organization can seem like a daunting, overwhelming task. I have to clean and organize THAT? Really, it’s not so bad. If you hate the thought of organizing your home or you down right suck at it, these 8 household organization tips should help you along. They are so simple and painless, even those who have zero organizational skills will be wondering “Why didn’t I think of that”?

1. Get organized in the kitchen with this cute idea: re-use baby food jars to organize your spices! If your pantry or spice cabinet is getting quite full, save those jars and add a magnet and some decoration. This is such a cute twist to a spice rack.

2. Simplify your workspace with this home office organization tip: Label your cords at both ends with a plastic bread clip. This way, you know what cord goes with each electronic device, no questions, no problems, no crawling under the desk and feeling up the length of the cord until you find it!

3. Got scarves? Belts? If so, here is a great closet organization idea: add shower curtain rings to a hanger and put your scarves and belts on there! Great idea, gets your scarves off of the floor and belts all in one place. You can put tights and leggings on these too!

4. If you are looking at how to organize shoes, this might do the trick: If your shoe rack is full, you can keep your closet floor clear with these under the bed shoe organizers. I think I need two of them!

5. Organizing ideas for the crafty, scrapbooking, sewing gal (or guy): organize your craft supplies by storing your ribbons, threads, materials, buttons and other trinkets in the closet!

6. Organization tips for the kids room: wrangle all of those loose, miscellaneous toys, dolls, cars, etc and store them in a hanging shoe organizer! Brilliant! I have a similar shoe organizer to this one and I may try this!

7. Blankets, comforters and linens galore. Store your bed sheets inside their respective pillow cases and you’ll have no problem finding each piece! This should also make your cabinets a little less messy.

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8. Birthdays and holidays leave us with rolls of wrapping paper. Store paper rolls against the wall or on the ceiling with wire and anchors.

I sure hope these ideas will come in handy for you, good luck in the process to declutter your home. Do you have any creative, out of the box organizing ideas? Please share them with us in the comments!

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