maandag 25 november 2013

A list of 16 creative at-home dates (Overig)

A list of 16 creative at-home dates…. That’s enough to last 4 months

Discuss a book you both recently read. Create a cafe or coffee shop atmosphere at home.
Play the First Words game where you read a word card and the other person say the first thing that comes to mind. Here’s a free download of the First Words game.
Look through old photographs, wedding albums, other photo albums or scrapbooks.
Flip through both of your high school yearbooks.
Go through your digital music library to make a CD or playlist of each other’s favorite songs or songs that reminds you of each other.
Sketch out a blueprint of your dream house.
Borrow or purchase travel books and plan your dream vacation.
Write down and discuss each of your bucket lists.
Have a cookie or dessert baking contest. Each person try a different recipe and see which one you like best.
Browse through magazines and catalogs to a collage of clothing and fashion styles you would like to see the other person wear or try.
Watch family home videos.
Ice cream or soda or cheese tasting. Try flavors you have never tried before.
Set up a photo booth in your home, put the camera on timer and take pictures of the two of you.
Go through each room in the house and talk about what you would like to see done to the room.
Learn a new skill together – photography, painting, carpentry, massages.
Turn your story of how you met into a children’s book. Your kids will love reading it.

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