woensdag 27 november 2013

A Cry from the Streets: Rescuing Brazil's Forgotten Children - Jeannette Lukasse (Boek)

In the dark world of Brazil, street children, toddlers and teenagers search trash cans for food, steal knives to protect themselves at night, and live in fear of being beaten or even killed by the police. For these desperately needy children, nothing was free--until they encountered the love of Jesus through the compassion of Jeannette and Johan Lukasse.

When this young Dutch couple asked God if He could use them to do something about the immense suffering they saw in the world, He led them on a winding path from their home in the Netherlands to the coast of Greece and eventually to the streets of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their calling was clear: millions of orphaned and abandoned children were living and dying on the streets, caught in the deadly grip of drugs, violence, prostitution, and abuse.

What followed the Lukasses' step of faith is a stunning example of how God miraculously uses the surrendered lives of believers to transform the lives of others with His hope and healing.

We are Johan and Jeannette Lukasse and have been since 1980 with Youth with a Mission. Since 1984 we live and work in Belo Horizonte, Brazil among children in need. We started out in working with street children, but later extended that to children in all kind of difficult life situations: children with HIV or AIDS, physically challenged children, children in the slums, etc. There are now eight different homes in Belo Horizonte, where we together with our staff, a group of about 90 young wonderful people, are committed to spread God's love in word and deed to these children. Our work multiplied over the years, especially by the students of the Children at Risk School, which is given every year, not only in Belo Horizonte but also in several other cities in Brazil and other countries such as Argentina, India, Angola, South Africa, Australia, etc. The theme of Youth with a Mission is: "To know God and make Him known" and that we hope to continue to do: living close to God, obey Him and spread His light and love.

This book is a great testimony of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. The author clearly leads the reader through her path to Brazil using her own life story. The author honestly conveys her struggles and doubts as she and her family obediently follow Jesus on a path to the streets of Brazil. Once in Brazil, the reader is introduced to the hard facts that the 6 million street children face every day. This testimony was inspiring and challenging all in the same respect. I not only recommend this book for anyone who is interested in missions or Brazil, but anyone who is interested in truly seeing the loving heart of God at work in the world. Thank you Jeannette Lukasse for taking the time to write your story.

This autobiography has been an incredible encouragement to my family and me. It is proof of God's provision for those who choose to live according to God's will. Life doesn't always go as we expect it to or want it to but God is always there and everything that He allows to happen in our lives He will use for His own glory. There are amazing stories inside this book of God's hand in the midst of this family's everyday life. I was touched by the author's honesty regarding her feelings about whether or not God would provide but He always came through and in His perfect timing as He does in all of His children's lives. It's great to read a book that gives true insight into the real world but also offers the encouragement that can only come through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I will keep this book to read again later as I believe it is worth reading more than once and it's worth keeping for our family library.


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