woensdag 27 november 2013

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Edith Schaeffer (Boek)

The author reveals the many opportunities for artistic expression that can be found in ordinary, everyday life.

This book is great for anyone who needs a little "life boost". Edith Schaeffer helps you to work with what everyone's got--God-given talent! You may think you can't do anything, but she makes you see that it's the simple things in life that are important to concentrate on and "bring out". (Relationships are important, especially those with children) I only wish I had read this when I first got married or when my kids were younger but its not too late to start doing some of these things NOW. I especially enjoyed her chapter entitled "Interior Decoration". It's never really been a topic of interest to me but she has a lot of simple ideas (and inexpensive) on making your house a "warm" place to want to be! This is a book that everyone could read and be encouraged. I feel that even people who live alone, no matter their age, could benefit from this inspiring book!

This book gives us "ordinary housewives" a vision to serve our families the way that Proverbs 31 woman modeled for us. Edith gives us practical daily ideas on how to serve the Lord through serving our family and others from our home. We are not to be bored wives all day, but busy making a home for a husband, children, and Jesus when he comes as the hungry, homeless, or naked. How can we serve Jesus more? How can we be a better keeper of the home as Titus 2 encourages us to be? How can we fulfill the Great Commission if we are busy being wives and moms? How can we make our home more peaceful for our family and visitors? How can we be more hospitable? These are some of the things Edith discusses in her book. If we are not a wife or mother this book will teach us to practice serving in this loving way...it all comes down to serving Jesus always, with all that we were made to be.

Mrs. Schaeffer's theme was so radically different than anything I had ever come across, that though the book read quickly, it took a lot of time to sink in. This book will be enjoyable for anyone who seeks to make the home the center of life for their family, because it seeks to give honor to the processes that we can take for granted. Cleaning and meal prep, decor and training up little children, as well as thrift are covered.
It may be time to update some of the artwork, although the original drawings were created with the spirit of the books message in mind, so they remain relevant although they give the book a dated appearance.


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