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Coi: Stories and Recipes - Daniel Patterson


Daniel Patterson is the head chef/owner of Coi (pronounced "Kwa"), a two Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco. At Coi, Patterson mixes modern culinary techniques with local, wild, and cultivated ingredients to create original dishes that speak of place, memory, and emotion. His approach has earned him a worldwide reputation as pioneer of a new Californian cuisine. Also renowned for his food writing, Patterson has been published in The New York Times, Food & Wine, and Lucky Peach. Now, in his highly anticipated new book Coi: Stories and Recipes, Patterson shares a personal account of the restaurant, its dishes, and his own unique philosophy on food and cooking. Patterson begins by examining his relationship with California after his arrival from the East Coast and as he began to feel more at home throughout the years. He then takes readers into the Coi kitchen with 70 of the restaurant's original dishes, including Chilled Spice Ratatouille Soup; Carrots Roasted in Coffee Beans; Monterey Bay Abalone with Nettle-Dandelion Salsa Verde; Inverted Cherry Tomato Tart; and Lime Marshmallow with Coal-Toasted Meringue. The dishes are explained through a series of personal essays and narrative recipes, offering insight into Patterson's life, philosophy, and inspirations.

Coi: Stories and Recipes is just that---a cookbook wrapped around a rich narrative with one of our great restaurants at its heart. Daniel Patterson is a wonderful writer and an even better chef. The pages provide evidence of both. (Thomas Keller, The French Laundry)

Patterson's book leaves you feeling... enchanted -- you get lost in his vivid stories about being a chef, in the spreads of captivating images of the Bay Area and in his candid and beautiful recipes. We need more non-conformist chefs like Patterson, and more thoughtful cookbooks like his. (Amanda Hesser, co-founder, Food52)

One of the greatest chefs and most innovative, provocative and important voices in food today. He is also a terrific and thought provoking writer. Daniel Patterson is both discovering and redefining what "American Food" really means. (Anthony Bourdain)

Daniel grafts the region's local identity to a transcending original impulse, making him one of the most thought provoking food voices in the world. (Chad Robertson, Tartine)

Coi is so much more than its recipes. Daniel has found the perfect way to show the process of creation of dish from the point of inspiration to the final plated masterpiece. It is like watching a dish come to life on the pages of Coi. This is such an exceptionally beautiful book. (Ludo Lefebvre, Trois Mec and judge, The Taste)
About the Author
Daniel Patterson was born in Massachusetts and moved to California in 1989, where he now has three restaurants: Coi (2006) in San Francisco, and Plum (2010) and Haven (2011) in Oakland. He is the winner of many awards, including "Best New Chef" by Food & Wine Magazine and "Chef of the Year" by San Francisco Magazine. He has been nominated for five James Beard Awards including "Best Chef: West" in 2013. Coi holds 2 Michelin stars, and is ranked #58 on the San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants list. He has been published in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Financial Times, San Francisco Magazine and Lucky Peach.

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