zaterdag 23 november 2013

The Hungry Hottie Cookbook - Cynthia Pasquella (Boek) 

The Hungry Hottie Cookbook offers healthy, plant-based versions of your favorite foods (think burgers, hot wings, and chocolate chip cookie dough) while sharing mind-blowing twists on ordinary ingredients that will revolutionize your relationship with food and eating forever. Being a "Hungry Hottie" isn't just about feeding your body. It's about figuring out what you're really hungry for. It's about burning fat, boosting confidence and stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight! This is a cookbook for your belly and your life. Let's eat!

I purchased this book through her website and am enjoying quite a few recipes. I gave it four stars because the book does not have an index, which means you have to check the contents for the category you think it's in then you have to flip through the pages in that section. What a pain. She went to all the trouble to write a rather nice cookbook and, for some reason, chose not to include it. Oh, well.
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