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Enough Already!: Clear the Emotional and Mental Clutter to Create the Life You Want- Peter Walsh (Boek)

From Publishers Weekly
Walsh delivers a pitch-perfect reading of his guide to conducting a full-life audit and organizing one's six major spheres (relationships, family, work, money, health and spirituality). Walsh's analysis is clear and well-structured, and he presents his prescriptions in an even-keeled, candid voice, never veering into preachy or condescending tones. The first of the five CDs is imbedded with a PDF containing printouts (quizzes for self-analysis, exercises for implementing suggested strategies and a calendar) to use while following along with the audio. Anyone with chaos in one or more of Walsh's six categories will find this a fun and helpful listen. A Simon & Schuster hardcover (Reviews, Nov. 17). (Mar.)
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Product Description
Does your life feel out of balance? Most of us are so overwhelmed by work, bills, and school and family commitments that we rush from person to person and place to place without ever feeling satisfied—sometimes giving one area of our lives too much attention and other areas not enough. It’s always too little or too much! This crazy imbalance and the resulting stress and unhappiness you feel are the clutter that Peter Walsh helps you tackle in Enough Already!Peter starts by explaining how the six key areas of your life—Family, Relationships, Work, Health, Money, and Spirituality are interrelated. He then shows you how, if one area of your life is cluttered, that clutter will creep into the other areas creating turmoil and imbalance in your life, family, work, and personal life. Peter offers a step-by-step plan to help you acknowledge and address the emotional and mental clutter that continually holds you back from living the more fulfilling life you deserve.With his wry humor, constant encouragement, and the specific tips and practical advice he offers, Peter shows how to prioritize what matters in your life; let go of the stress and clutter; and regain your balance, focus, energy, and purpose. By following his simple plan you will begin to view your life and how you spend your time and energy in a completely new way. By embracing Peter’s approach you will finally be able to live a stress-free life of balance and fulfillment—the life that’s been buried under all your emotional clutter for years and the one you’ve always imagined.

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