maandag 25 november 2013

Give gifts that change the world (Overig)

Giving gifts is a billion dollar industry. Imagine if just half of that money went to people around that world that truly need it. We could feed the children of the world, help eradicate AIDS /HIV, provide mosquito nets to stop malaria and the list goes on.

It was recently my Mother’s birthday and she asked for just one thing. She wanted me to choose my one of my favourite charities from 365give and make a donation. I had the perfect gift to give to a new not-for-profit that truly needs all the help they can get.

After 300 days of giving I have been introduced to so many fantastic organizations around the world doing so much good. I have a soft spot for one called the Atin Afrika Foundation. I was recently asked to sit on their Board of Directors and I am honoured to do what I can to help. This organization was recently started by a local Vancouver women, Chelsea Peters and her partner who lives in Africa, Owiny Morris.

There vision is simple:

To create a society where orphans and other vulnerable children can achieve equitable development under secure care and love, and enable them to live to their full potential with their rights defended.

It has been a life dream of mine to start an orphanage in Africa. I have told my husband often that I would adopt a dozen children from Africa and bring them home if we were able to. Being part of Atin Africa has allowed me to be part of the process of getting children off the streets of Uganda and into a clean safe bed where they will be supported and educated. On Day 269 I did a post on the first children that were brought to their newly acquired home. The story brought tears to my eyes.

In honour of my Mother’s birthday I am donating a FLIP video camera to Atin Afrika. Chelsea Peters is on her way back to Uganda after many months fundraising here in Vancouver to get the money they needed to start the shelter. It is time for her to see first hand how her hard work has paid off. I believe if more people see and hear the story of these children awareness and donations will be generated to keep Atin Afrika in the business of saving children’s lives.

The next time you have a birthday coming up and you are racking your brain to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life consider an ethical gift. It will be the gift that keeps giving long after the candles are blown out and the wrapping paper has gone to a landfill.

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