maandag 25 november 2013

Here are a few ideas any corporate or fundraising event could embrace to save of massive amounts of waste. (Overig)

1) Volunteers washing all the dishes, cutleries and glassware used over the course of the weekend.

2) Water Tanker providing fresh drinking water so bottled water does not have to be purchased by guests

3) Shuttle Buses to encourage less driving

4) Meatless Meals provided by food vendors

5) Tree Planting (partnering with the Green Legacy Programme)

6) Educational Classes on all things sustainable and the environemnt

Other than the tree planting we participated in all these ways plus a few of our own.

1) We camped rather than staying at a hotel saving on a weekend of electricity.

2) We drove our fuel efficient rental car to the Festival.

3) We brought our own reusable beer mugs (from Vancouver) from previous year’s attendance. (You could buy a new one that was made from corn!)

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