vrijdag 22 november 2013

How To Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag (Kopie)


Have you ever thought about making ice cream at home? Probably - but you might have dismissed the thought as quickly as it crossed your mind because you thought that you would have to purchase one of those elaborate ice cream making contraptions to get the job done. You didn't really want to commit to any purchases even though you thought making ice cream sounded like a great activity for a summer afternoon, so you ended up going out for ice cream or making summertime lemonade instead. If only you had known that you could ice cream with just some basic ingredients and household items.

Here's how to make plastic bag ice cream:

1.Gather the ingredients that you'll need. The food ingredients that you'll need include milk, sugar, salt, ice and vanilla. You can add fruit or chocolate for different flavors. You can find specific recipes that will tell you the amounts that you need of each item at Weeno and Kaboose. In addition to the food ingredients, you'll need the plastic bags - two different sizes, usually a quart size and a gallon size.
2.Mix the basic food ingredients that make the ice cream into the smaller of the two plastic bags. These food ingredients include the milk, sugar and sweeteners or flavor-boosters (like fruit or vanilla) but not the salt or ice. (Skim milk can be used by those people who are interested in keeping the calories down.) Seal this bag. Many people recommend placing this bag inside a second bag of the same or slightly larger size to truly seal it.
3.Stick the bag with the mixed ingredients into the larger plastic bag. Fill the rest of the larger bag with the ice and then put the salt over the top of the entire thing. Seal this bag. Make sure that every time you seal the bags, you let the air out of them first.
4.Take the entire thing and shake it. A lot. You'll want to shake it consistently for about ten minutes to get the good consistency of ice cream. This is one reason that making plastic bag ice cream is a great group activity; you can pass the bag off to others for shaking!
5.Take it out and enjoy it! You just made your first plastic bag ice cream, easy as that. You can now play around with all kinds of different ingredients added to the mixture to give it different flavors. These can be added in to making the ice cream (experiment with different ratios of ingredients to get the right texture) or they can simply be adding on afterwards as toppings. Caramel, chocolate, and honey are all great choices.

Plastic bag ice cream is great because it's easy to make and it's an interactive activity. Kids of almost all ages can enjoy making plastic bag ice cream and people of any age can enjoy eating it! Have an ice cream making party that includes a toppings bar and you'll be the hit of your neighborhood!

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