donderdag 28 november 2013

I Wonder - Marian Bantjes (Boek)

"I Wonder rises above the usual design book in the way Bantjes marries her text—a deeply considered set of essays on topics such as Wonder, Ornament, Honor, the Alphabet—with the shapes and patterns her imagination enters to reveal layers of meaning . . . the book is a testament to the artist/author’s belief in the ultimate democracy of the act of creation."
—Felt & Wire

"Turning the pages was an activity in joy . . . The book starts off with a bang and continues for quite some time."

"Marian Bantjes creates the most incredible, thoughtful, interesting, gorgeous lettering aside from writing compelling articles on design."

"‘I Wonder is covered with the intricate, luxurious ornament typical of Bantjes’ style and is full of amusing observations of the world, personal musings and how these things relate to the visual world around us."

"I Wonder is out now, packed full of decorative typographical delights . . . not only for those of the typographic pattern persuasion, but those who seek energy & surprise on the printed page."

"The black and gold cover is as compelling as the inside contents. The writings and artwork are interdependent and flow together to create a narrative that’s a delectable feast for the eyes, mind and heart."
—Pattern Pulp

"With the book's insistence on narrative, and focus on typography, the result combines the best of two worlds. It's a readable collection of smart, visually-intense short stories, and a design book that will likely never leave your coffee table."
—Fast Co Design
Product Description
Quirky, poignant, astute, funny—this beautiful book presents a compelling collection of observations on visual culture and design, written and illuminated by world-renowned typographic illustrator Marian Bantjes. In Stefan Sagmeister's telling words, Bantjes's work is his "favorite example of beauty facilitating the communication of meaning."

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