dinsdag 26 november 2013

My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss (Boek)

I came across this book in an effort to find something fun and quirky to send my mom. Instead, I fell right into it, and decided to keep it for myself. There is something addictive about this book. -- NPR

"A heartfelt fashion history that honors the women who raised us - and the fab photos of them make you hope chic might be genetic." --Today.com

Piper Weiss's "My Mom, Style Icon" will remind you -- shocker! -- that your mother had a life before you came along. In fact, she may have even been fashionable. --Washington Post

"Charming...Chock-full of snapshots of once-young mothers in beehive hairdos, and suede vests, "My Mom Style Icon" is a celebration of vintage fashion and the youthful spirit that inspired it." --New Yorker Books Blog

"Our analog society is increasingly becoming a distant memory. But [this book is] nudging us to celebrate a time when photographs were arguably more candid and pants were considerably higher-waisted."

--Los Angeles Times

"A sweet homage to maternal chic." - AARP the Magazine

"Every once in a while, a book comes along that makes you smile and laugh and sigh all at the same time. My Mom, Style Icon, by Piper Weiss - published by Chronicle - is just that book." - Alabama Chanin

"It's perfect for mom because it's an ode to moms everywhere and how they have influenced fashion... It's sure to be a coffee-table favorite."" - AOL

"The result is a heartfelt fashion history that honors the women who raised us - and the fab photos of them make you hope chic might be genetic." - Today.com

"Is there a better Mother's Day gift than telling your mom you think she's a style icon? Scoop one up for your mother, or just keep it for yourself when you need a little sartorial inspiration-from the woman who always knew best, no less. " -Blackbook magazine
Product Description
Moms are people, too...fashionable people! Before we came along to yank on their skirts, they showed leg, sported killer bangs, and flaunted bikinis. Some even wore feathers and halter tops and drove around on motorcycles. Was their style shocking? Yes. Covetable? Absolutely. Based on Piper Weiss's hugely popular blog of the same name, this book features 200 color photographs from decades past of moms showing us how itGÇÖs done. A perfect gift for mothers, daughters, and style mavens, My Mom, Style Icon is an entertaining celebration of the very first—and most important—style icon in a young woman's life.

About the Author
Piper Weiss is a humor and culture writer, as well as an editor. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.



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