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New Decorating Book (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating) - Better Homes & Gardens (Boek)

A revised and updated edition of the flagship guide from the authorities on home decorating
The Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book has been the decorating resource readers have turned to for more than half a century. Like its predecessors, the Tenth Edition features solid instruction, hundreds of examples, and clear interpretation of design guidelines that generations of readers have come to expect. But this new edition of the classic decorating book also reflects today's approach to decorating—mixing styles for personal expression with an awareness of budget.

Organized in two parts, the first section is filled with room-by-room decorating guides and home tours to cover broad sweeps of decorating topics. The second section is organized by integral design topic: color, furniture arrangement, flooring, lighting, etc. Plus, inviting photography is complemented by workbook-style illustrations to help novice decorators understand the application of design concepts to specific rooms.

Advice for making smart color choices
What you need to know about mixing colors and patterns
How to select and hang window treatments
Ways to make smart use of wall art
The essentials on color theory
Trade secrets and tips from real designers
Whether you're a new homeowner, an apartment dweller, or looking to spruce up any tired space, Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book shows you how to give a real home high-impact style—without breaking the bank.

From the Editors & Experts: Decorating Tips


Editors' Favorites
Use the palette of a striped rug to inspire your choice of room accents and furnishings.

The back of a fabric, curtain, comforter, or area rug is sometimes more interesting—and toned down—than the front. If no telltale signs like hems will show, go ahead and flip it.

Look to nature for perfect color combinations—the landscape, flowers, and vegetables. Animal coats are always perfectly hued. You could do a living room around your calico cat’s coloring!
—Elaine Griffin

I love white walls and neutral furnishings with pops of colorful accessories and accent pieces.
—Annette Joseph


Editors' Favorite
Consider how much light a room gets before picking colors. South-facing rooms get more sunlight, so use cool colors such as blues and greens, to soothe the room. North-facing rooms beg for red or yellow tones to warm things up.

Looking at a fabric or paint swatch six inches from your eye is different than seeing it in a room. If it’s going on a horizontal surface, look at the swatch horizontally. Or drape it over a chair. Step back six feet and look at it from a distance.
—Janie Hirsch, Interior Designer

Always do paint test swatches with two to three coats first to make sure you love a color.
—Elaine Griffin, Interior Designer


Editors' Favorites
Break up a room of matchy-matchy wood furniture with one painted piece. It doesn't have to be a bold color. Or try black. It balances nicely with natural wood.

Buy vases, pitchers, or decorative boxes in shades of one color and group them to add an easy, impactful pop of color in a room.

Corral a stack of books and the remotes in a colorful tray to create an eye-catching decorative display on a coffee table.
—Grant K. Gibson
Today we apartment and home dwellers want to be involved in decorating our homes. But we need to be informed on an abundance of topics to do so. This is an affordable "how-to" book that breaks the process down room-by-room with hundreds of ideas, and photos to illustrate the ideas, on how to create a room. It's great for those new to the process and those who are looking for ideas they haven't considered before.

Ten design basics are introduced for each room: living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, entries etc. Then, examples of popular styles of the room (playful chic, nature inspired, urban modern etc.) are illustrated along with a possible color palette for each room, important room elements are highlighted and our favorite before-and-afters of the room are shown. Three common flaws and three suggested fixes are covered for rooms. "Style made simple" regarding rooms covers topics like curtains, storage, headboards etc. Scattered throughout are short "try this" tips on the photos for DIYers (one example: cover self-adhesive lampshades with fabric).

There's styles for almost any taste featured in the House Tours section--my favorite section--including 10 styles such as modern cottage, classic bungalow, refined rustic, fresh traditional, modern family, today's farmhouse, artistic cottage and scandanavian modern. The styles tend to be more informal, but the tips could be adapted to more formal and glamourous styles as well which would be fun to do.

The workroom section at the end offers nuts and bolts basics on how to decorate with lessons on pattern, color, scale, balance, texture, paint, wallpaper, fabric etc. There's a complete "try this" section on wall art, storage, organization and projects followed by a "know-how" section on window wardrobes, lighting and room arranging.

I've been team-teaching interior design through continuing education for 10 years, and there's ideas in here I would like to try. For example, for armless dining chairs with leather-like round backs, make a slip-cover skirt for the chair that reaches to the floor in a striped fabric with a solid horizontal panel at bottom to match the leather color of the chair--it was very casual chic and you can change them seasonally. The self-adhesive fabric covered lampshade looked great, too!

You can spend hours going through this book and marking ideas you like. There's an average of 5 tips per page and almost 300 pages--so 1500 illustrated tips in current styles for you to peruse and highlight at your leisure. It's like an illustrated textbook on design--although much more fun than most textbooks you've encountered. I think it's one of the best introductory books on design available. It's a great introduction to and overview of the design process and like a refresher course if you've been studying design for awhile. I love the fresh, colorful, eclectic, welcoming room on the cover--it's representative of the styles you'll find inside.

Better Homes & Gardens has come out with another fantastic decorating book. I love this book because it is FILLED with tons of ideas for every budget and design style. I am an interior designer, blogger and decorative painter so I am constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration. I have already read this book cover to cover at least three times and still I find something new that catches my eye. I highly recommend if you can only buy one decorating book a year, this is the one! Also if you missed the last BH&G New Decorating Book, do yourself a favor and find it.

i have decorating books by well known decorators & this is by far the best! a lot of the things in here u have around the house & it shows in an inexpensive way what to do. also new ideas that look expensive but r not. color palettes galore. its a must. bhg never disappoint!


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