maandag 25 november 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Coin Jar (Overig)

As I was planning for our summer, I came up with a mental list of boredom buster activities. When I was done, it hit me that most of our activities were all about our kids: the zoo, the park, the museum, play dates, VBS, family nights… Of course there is nothing wrong with making lists that our kids will enjoy because all of us mommies know that it’s the only way to survive summer, to be prepared. But the more I thought about it, I wanted to add “others centered activities” to our list. I shared here on our Operation Brown Bag activity that we do throughout the year as a family but I wanted other activities that involve helping all types of people.

Summer of Spreading Joy was born! Teaching our kids that spreading joy starts with me, is important and what better way to do this then to model it. If we want to change the world it needs to start with us and the beautiful part about this is that we can make a difference no matter how old we are.!

Enjoy this activity Random of Acts of Kindness Jar!

Every time your kids do something kind they get to stick a coin in the jar at the end of the summer you can decide as a group how you all want to use that money to bless someone.

You can decide how much money to put in the jar for each kindness but I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the amount because we don’t want them to think we are assigning value to their kindness. With this activity not only are they learning that it’s important to serve in the community but just as vital to show that same kindness in our own home with our family.

Kindness Acts:

•saying something kind to a family member
•sharing their toys
•saying thank you to siblings, adults
•helping mom out with something that is not a part of their chores
•picking up their toys, bed, dishes without being asked
•greeting the cashier
•thanking their sunday school teacher
Remember you don’t want to make this an obstacle course having them jump through hoops to get a coin in but it also needs to fall into the category of kindness.

What other types of activities do you do in your home to instill a heart of service, giving and kindness?

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