vrijdag 22 november 2013

Simple Frozen Yogurt (Kopie)

Basic Ingredients:

32 oz Plain Yogurt with plastic container (greek style works the best)

Sugar or Splenda to taste (I add about 4 tablespoons of splenda for sweet yogurt, but frozen plain yogurt is also very good)

3 - 4 tablespoons of hard alcohol (should be 40 proof -- vodka, amaretto or sparkling white wine works really well) The alcohol keeps the yogurt from hardening solid and can add a nice flavor to the yogurt if you use a flavored liquor. This amount of alcohol shouldn't have a strong taste and won't get anyone intoxicated.


You can flavor your yogurt with anything you like, frozen fruit, cocoa powder, vanilla, chocolate chips, mint extract, green tea, ginger or anything else!

In the case of this recipe I'll use peaches, cinnamon and amaretto:

2 peaches skinned and sliced (or you can use frozen peaches and chop them up a bit)

Cinnamon to taste


Mix all the ingredients together and pour back into the yogurt container with about an inch of free room at the top. Eat the leftovers if you have too much.

Put the top on the container and put the yogurt container with your yogurt + flavorings into your home freezer

Every 20 minutes mix up the yogurt with a long metal spoon or fork, a wand blender or a cooking chop stick.

In 2 - 3 hours you will have creamy frozen yogurt!

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